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Find out what's Evolutionary astrology is all about!

>> The Soul’s Evolution to Itself <<

Meet Ulrich Bold:
Astrology’s favourite trainer.

Ulrich Bold, a worldclass astrologer with decates of professional experience in counseling and teaching the simplicity and magnificance of astrology, offers in professional online tutorial course uncountable ‘pearls of wisdom’ – revealing the spectrum of archetypes of each sign, the ruling planet and the worldly manisfestations of the so called houses.

Holistic and affordable Astrology Courses for EVERYONE & ANYONE

Evolutionary Astrology is a great course o choose for a solid foundation in the Archetypes – the threads of life.

Register Online

Register for courses online with a credit card, E-transfer, or BITCOIN.

Take Online Courses

Journey through the course! Elevate all aspects of your life including personal and business relationships, as you begin to understand all of life through the Archetypes.

Get Complete, and Continue to Study

A verified Certificate of Completion from Astrology Wisdom can provide proof for an employer, students, and clients that you have successfully completed an online course. In order to obtain a Certificate from Ulrich Bold to ensure your understanding of EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGY, a test chart reading is available as soon as you are ready for it!

Praise for The Work of Ulrich Bold

“Ulrich has shown tremendous abilities in astrology. His character is one of the utmost integrity and honesty, caring not only for the people but for the whole planet. Among the people I met all over the world very few can keep up with Ulrich’s humility and caring.”

- Jeffrey W. Green, Author

“This man’s enthusiasm for this study is contagious. He links the Archetypes and the Galaxy like a versed poem on a summers day. You will enjoy learning as much as you’ll enjoy reading the charts of your friends in the years to come.”

- Charis Lynn Curtis, Student of 10 years, Evolutionary Astrologer

Do I need to finish the Course along with the class I started with?

No, you are free to come and go as you please. We know you are learning at your own pace. If you are falling behind, we recommend becoming an active member of the Facebook community in order to build relationships with those studying along this same path.

When will I be able to read a full Astrology chart for a client?

This all depends on the depth of your study. Some of us studied for years prior to reading for a client – some of us are studying SPECIFICALLY to do just that. Covering the Archetypes takes, 12 weeks, and then learning to apply the chart. I would say, with focused study, that you could learn Evolutionary Astrology and give a confident reading after practice, within 6 months to a year. It REALLY is individual though!

Do you run Live Trainings and Retreats?

Yes we do! Although Ulrich lives in Turkey, he does tour Canada and the USA on a regular basis, giving lectures and trainings to he current and ever expanding base of clients and students.

I’m stuck! And I don’t understand the materials – is the TUTORING available?

Yes! Time with a tutor IS available by request AND joining the Facebook Group Community is a GREAT place to post questions and concerns, and we can all learn there!

Still have questions? Email admin@oneschool.love for answers!


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